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Welcome to the Swimology Family

Learning to swim is an adventure, let's have an adventure together!



What Happens After Booking?

Once you have booked up to lessons, your initial payment will be taken by card through our online system (You'll get an email about this) The initial payment is a pro rata payment to take you to your first regular payment.


On the 27th of every month your payment will be taken from your bank account for the month following.  When booking with us you will need to make payment prior to the lesson taking place, to secure your space. If payment is late or bounces you may incur a £20 admin fee. If you wish to change lesson type or leave, all you have to do is give us one months’ notice to change or remove your card details from the member hub. You can do this by completing the forms above 

What is a pro-rata fee?

A pro-rata fee is a one-off payment that is paid when you book your lessons. This payment covers the cost of swimming lessons until the date of your first automated monthly card payment. This amount will vary depending on what date of the month you join the programme and how many lessons are due to take place before your first card payment is due.

How do I cancel?

If you're cancelling, please complete the above form. You may cancel at any time and your child’s place will be cancelled at the end of the period you have paid up to. No further payments will be processed against your card (no credits or refunds will be given for any reason).

What about pool closures?

All anticipated closures (such as Christmas holidays) are considered into our monthly price, so there is no change to your payment amount for the expected closures.

For unexpected closures, such as lack of teacher and pool closure, we will amend your next payment accordingly. We can't offer refunds or make up lessons. You'll need to request this amendment using the above adjustment/refund request form.

What happens if I don't pay in time?

If payment isn't received on time (for any reason, including bounced payments or failure to add card details), you will be sent two email reminders. If payment is not received within 5 days of the original due date, you will be removed from our programme and all attendance privileges will cease immediately.

What happens if I cannot attend a lesson?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund or credit lessons for the occasional missed lessons. If a swimmer has a long term medical condition (such as a broken foot etc.) please get in contact with us and we can discuss options.

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